5 Interesting Facts about Koi from Our Mount Vernon Pond Supply Company


There are many great reasons why koi are so popular as pond fish. They have bright beautiful colors that add vibrance to the landscape. Also, they’ll often eat right out of your hand, which is particularly exciting for children. If you’re interested in adding fish to your pond, you could benefit from discussing your options with a local pond professional. At Waterfall Pond Supply, we provide pond construction and supplies in the greater Mount Vernon, WA area. And we’d be happy to talk about pond fish with you. Here are five fun facts about koi.

Million Dollar Koi

Around here, koi generally cost between $10 and $100 apiece. But in Japan, there is a cutthroat koi industry where there is immense enthusiasm for koi that have desirable traits. In 2017, a single koi in Japan sold for $1.8 million.

They’re Not Picky Eaters

Koi are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of readily available foods such as peas, apples, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, rice, and insects. Another desirable trait of koi is that they’ll eat algae that’s growing in the pond.

Domesticated in Ancient Times

During ancient times, the Chinese kept koi as a food source, starting in the year 300 A.D. or earlier. The Japanese started keeping koi as pets rather than food. In the 1800s, it became very popular in Japan to breed koi for certain color patterns.

Bred for Bright Colors

Like the Japanese have been doing for centuries, koi breeders have been breeding the fish to have bright splashes of color. For people who have ponds In Western Washington, koi are especially desirable because their vibrant colors contrast the gray skies.

They’re Able to Recognize Individual People

Koi are able to recognize their caretakers and are known to behave in a friendly manner toward them. Some pet koi have even been known to respond to their own names. And many koi are accustomed to being hand- fed by their caretakers.

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