What kind of fish should I choose for my pond?


One of the greatest joys of having a pond is that you get to fill it with pet fish. While koi are enduringly popular, there are other fish species that are also worth considering for your pond. At Waterfall Pond Supply, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about picking out the right pond fish for your situation. Here are five popular options for pond fish.


Koi are highly desirable for their beautiful brightness and friendly demeanor. Long ago, Koi were a kind of wild carp. But over the course of centuries, the Chinese domesticated the carp that, in the 19th century, the Japanese started intensively breeding for select traits, becoming the famous Japanese carp that are found in ponds today. Along with adding splashes of color to your pond, your koi may also entertain you by eating right of your hand.

Rosy Red Minnows

If you want some extra help with keeping your pond’s algae level in check, then you could add rosy red minnows to your pond. These little guys grow to three inches in length and can live well alongside koi.


Catfish have a fairy-tale appearance and add a lot of character to a pond. However, contrary to popular belief, catfish cannot be relied upon to clean the pond. Rather, they may actually decrease your pond’s water quality.

Golden Rainbow Trout

Golden rainbow trout are a good fit for cool-water ponds. They have a shimmering yellowish color that brightens the pondscape and they will grow to around a foot in length.


This is a kind of sunfish that enjoys eating mosquito larvae, which is of great appeal to homeowners who like to spend time in their backyards. The pumpkinseed is also a slow reproducer, so you probably won’t have to worry about them taking over your pond.

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