Fun Ways to Enhance Your Pondscape


If you have a pond on your land, you can significantly improve your property’s aesthetic appeal by making some upgrades to your pondscape. From rockery to lily pads, there are many great options for enhancing your pond and its surrounding area. At Waterfall Pond Supply, we can help you with planning your pondscape renovation. And at our Mount Vernon pond supply store, you’ll find a wide assortment of products to keep your pond healthy and beautiful.


Simple Ideas for Improving Your Pondscape

There are various landscaping projects that can add beauty and functionality to your pond area. For one, adding boulders to your pondscape will create a look that is ruggedly attractive. You may also want to install a natural stone walkway from your patio to your pond. This can create an enchanting path to your pond area, while also providing better footing for people who aren’t as sturdy as they used to be.

Adding aquatic plants to your pondscape can also add enchantment. Yellow water lilies offer old-time charm and provide the resident frogs a stage for the evening opera. Marsh cinquefoil is a native aquatic plant that produces gorgeous red-to-purple flowers. Bogbean is another popular option and features clusters of small white star-shaped flowers. Other common Northwest pond plants include American water plantain and bulrush.

Fish can also add beauty and character to your pond. Of course, koi are very popular for ponds. Not only do they provide strikingly vibrant colors, they can be taught to eat out of your hand. Catfish are another popular choice. And while they don’t actually do a great job of keeping the pond clean, they do offer a charming look with their whiskers that appear to be straight out of a fairy tale. Other popular pond fish in this region include rosy red minnows and pumpkin seeds, which are a kind of sunfish.

Pond Design & Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

At Waterfall Pond Supply, we can help you create the pondscape of your dreams. Our crew offers expert pond construction in Mount Vernon and Bellingham. Feel free to give us a call at 360-529-4813 to ask any questions about how to enhance your pondscape!