What services are provided by a pond professional in Mount Vernon?


A backyard pond can provide a beautiful landscaping focal point, as well as a cool spot to pass hot summer days. Adding koi is another way to enjoy your pond, and kids will love it when the fish eat straight from the hand. Also, if you have a green thumb, you can use your pondscape to experiment with growing aquatic plant species that attract birds and butterflies. If you’re considering installing a pond, or just need some upkeep on your existing pond, then you could greatly benefit from working with an experienced pond professional. At Waterfall Pond Supply, our crew offers expertise in all pond matters. Here’s a brief overview of our pond services in the greater Mount Vernon, WA area.

Custom Pond Designs & Installation

When determining the best location for your pond, our crew will assess your property and take into account important factors such as sun exposure and slope. Ponds should generally get about a half-day of sun. If you get full sun, then algae could become a major problem. If you get very little sun, then conditions may not be great for fish. And it’s best to have your pond at a low point on your property. This will minimize the risk of flooding. We’ll also be mindful of any local regulations that need to be heeded during the installation process.

Waterfall Features

To give your pond a more enchanting appearance, you can install a waterfall feature. Not only will this provide a dazzling look, it’ll also soothe you with the sounds of a babbling creek. And with spotlighting, your waterfall feature will look magical under the moonlight.

Pond Supplies

At our retail center, we offer numerous products that keep ponds clean and suitable for fish. Our staff can help you find just what you need, whether it’s a pump, vacuum, skimmer, aerator, or something else. We also offer DIY pond installation kits.

Professional Pond Maintenance

If you don’t have the time or energy to keep up with maintenance, then your pond could soon fall into a dilapidated condition and become an eyesore. At Waterfall Pond Supply, we offer expert pond maintenance that helps to ensure your pond retains maximum beauty.

Pond Design & Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

When you need help with anything pond-related, give Waterfall Pond Supply a call at 360-529-4813. Our reputable staff will be happy to answer any of your questions about our services!