What kinds of plants will grow well in my pondscape?


Spring has arrived and it’s time to perk up your property. If you’re lucky enough to have a pond in your yard, you can beautify your pondscape by adding attractive aquatic plants. If you’re interested in redesigning your pondscape to better incorporate plants, then you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced pond professional. At Waterfall Pond Supply, we provide expertise with pond design and installation in the greater Mount Vernon, WA area. Here’s a look at some plants that grow well in Western Washington pondscapes.

American Water-Plantain

This aquatic plant will grow to three feet tall and has oval-shaped leaves. Waterfowl are known to eat its seeds, so if you want to attract birds to your pondscape, then American water-plantain is worth considering.

Yellow Water Lily

Yellow water lilies are a classic pond plant that will add a touch of enchantment to your pond. They create the lily pads where frogs sing their hearts out. And their striking yellow blooms add a splash of vibrance to your pondscape.


Bogbean produces stalks of beautiful pink buds that bloom into elegant white star-shaped flowers. They prefer full sun so it’ll be best for them if your pondscape is south-facing. It is native to bogs across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Marsh Cinquefoil

Marsh cinquefoils have purple-to-red flowers that provide a beautiful dash of color. It thrives in northern climates and does well when it is partially submerged.

Water Horsetail

If you seek densely clustered growth, then water horsetail should pique your interest. But this plant can spread easily so you may want to plant it within a barrier.

Common Cattail

The common cattail, also called bulrush, helps to create the classic pond appearance. It has tall spikes that flower and then turn into cottony fluff that disperse its tiny seeds. Cattail is sometimes used to remediate marshy habitats because it removes pollutants from water.

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