Important Things to Think About before Installing a Pond on Your Property


When properly maintained, a pond provides an attractive landscape feature and a beautiful spot to relax on a hot day. You can make your pondscape especially beautiful by installing aquatic plants such as yellow pond lilies and marsh cinquefoil. And with the addition of koi or other pet fish, your pond will be all the more fun. Prior to installing a pond, there are certain factors that you’ll want to take into consideration. At Waterfall Pond Supply, our team of experienced pond professionals can help you with your pond design and installation. Our local pond experts will ensure that you take all important factors into consideration before you break ground on your pond.

Important Considerations before Installing a Pond

For most people, budget is the top consideration during the planning process. From the initial groundbreaking to the eventual addition of koi, there are a number of expenses along the way. Our crew can take into account all of the products you’ll need, such as filters and thermometers, to get an accurate estimate for your pond installation project. Before we even begin, you can make clear to us what your budget is, and we’ll be sure to work within it to give you the most attractive pondscape possible.

An important part of the planning process is making sure that you’re adhering to all local regulations for the installation process. Permits may be necessary, and you may also need approval from your homeowner’s association. And before excavation commences, it’s crucial to check with local utilities to make sure you won’t hit any utility lines during the digging process.

Location is another very important factor. When selecting a spot for your pond, you’ll want to consider sun exposure and topography. A half-day of sun is best for ponds. This way there will be enough light for your pet fish and aquatic plantings, but not so much that algae will grow rapidly out of control. It’s also important that you choose a spot that isn’t at a low point in your yard. When a pond is installed below a slope, there’s a significantly greater chance that it will flood. Another consideration is the type of trees that are nearby. You don’t want to install your pond directly below a bunch of deciduous trees, such as maples. Doing so would fill up your pond with rotting leaves. And because pumps and other equipment will need electricity, you should choose a location that isn’t exceedingly far from an outlet. When using an outlet for pond equipment, make sure to use a GFI to reduce the risk of shock.

Pond Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

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