5 Ways that a Backyard Pond Can Enhance Your Quality of Life


If you’re interested in installing a backyard pond, winter is a great time to start mapping it out. There are many excellent reasons to add a pond to your property, and at Waterfall Pond Supply, we’d be more than happy to discuss the benefits in-depth, while offering design ideas based on your desires and budget. And when it comes time for the installation, our local pond construction company can flawlessly complete the job. Here are five reasons to install a backyard pond.

Attract Birds & Butterflies

Birds will use your pond for drinking and bathing. Butterflies will also be drawn to your pond as a water source. Also, you can install certain marsh plants in your pondscape to attract pollinators such as butterflies. As these winged friends visit your pond, your backyard will feel all the more enchanting.

A Spot to Cool Off

When the summer sun is cooking, your pond’s water will slowly evaporate, which cools off the surrounding air. This will give you a cooler place to relax outside when temperatures are sizzling during July and August.

Pet Fish

Koi are an ever-popular option for ponds, and for good reason. They feature beautiful patterns, and will also eat treats right out of your hand. Other popular pond fish options include catfish, sturgeon, and sunfish.

Aquatic Gardening

In the Pacific Northwest, there are several plant species that are excellent for pondscapes and will brighten up your backyard. Popular types of pond plants in the region include marsh cinquefoil, yellow water lilies, and bogbean.

Block Noise Pollution

By installing a waterfall feature in your pond, you’ll have the calming sounds of a babbling brook, which will decrease noise that comes from neighbors and traffic. In turn, your backyard will feel more peaceful.

Pond Design & Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

At Waterfall Pond Supply, we specialize in pond design and installation in Mount Vernon, WA. To get started on your pond project, give us a call at (360) 529-4813. We’re happy to answer any of your questions about pond installation and maintenance in Skagit County and the surrounding areas!