What kinds of supplies can I buy at my local pond retail store?


For your pond to remain as attractive as possible, you need to make sure its water quality remains excellent. There are numerous supplies that will help to ensure your pond water stays healthy. From aerators to pond vacuums, at Waterfall Pond Supply we stock a wide assortment of products that will keep your pond in beautiful condition. And we’re always happy to answer questions about our inventory and which products will be best for your particular situation. Here’s a quick look at some of the supplies we offer at our Mount Vernon pond store.

Pond Vacuums

For optimal water quality, it’s important to remove sludge and dead vegetation from your pond’s bottom and sides. A pond vacuum is the right tool for doing this. Telescopic pipes make it easier to vacuum the pond’s bottom.


If you have a pond full of pet fish, then you’ll want to be sure that your pond’s water is circulating and properly oxygenated. A pond aerator will help with this by bringing air in from outside the pond and transporting it into the water’s depths.

Water Treatments

There are assorted water treatments available to boost water quality. At our local pond supply shop, we can help you choose the best water treatment for your pond’s particular conditions.

UV Lighting

Algae can reduce your pond’s beauty and water quality. UV lighting can sterilize algae, which will help to control this obnoxious growth.

DIY Pond Kits

DIY pond kits are available for those who are interested in doing the work themselves to install a pond on their property. These kits contain all the materials to construct your desired pond, waterfall, or other water feature. If you’re a DIYer, this is a great way to save on labor costs while diving into a big project.

Pond Supplies in Mount Vernon, WA

When you need pond supplies in Mount Vernon, WA and the surrounding area, contact Waterfall Pond Supply at (360) 529-4813. Or just stop by our retail center. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about our inventory of pond supplies!